Freeze Dried Bovine Pericardium (PericardLEMB)


The halal bovine pericardium is freeze dried to provide ideal healing conditions after implantation. The membrane is used in various oral surgical procedures, including guided tissue regeneration, to cover dura defects, replacement of connective tissue in surgery and as a wrapping material for hydroxyapatite implants in patients undergoing enucleation. A piece of freeze dried collagen prepared from bovine pericardium in a clean room condition.


40mm x 20mm


Freeze Dried Bone Xenograft (OsteoLEMB)


The halal bovine bones are demineralised and freeze-dried. The grafts are processed into cancellous bone chips, cortical and cortico-cancellous bone chips, cortical and cortico-cancellous struts, and bone granules. The clinical application is similar to freeze-dried bone allograft. Ceramic bones have also been developed from the bovine source.


Cancellous Chip

Cancellous Chip Xeno

A non-load bearing freeze dried cancellous bone prepared from cancellous part of the bovine bone.

Size: 10mm x 10mm x 10mm.


Cortical Block

Cortical Block Allo

A freeze dried cortical bone prepared from the shaft of femur or tibia of bovine.

Size: 50mm length.



Cortico Cancellous

A freeze dried cortico-cancellous bone prepared from the cortico-cancellous part of femur or tibia of bovine.

Size: 50mm length.



Granules Xeno1

A freeze dried cortical bone, prepared from cortical part of bovine bone. Ground in bone grinder. Packed in a vial. 

Size: 1.0 cc per vial.



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