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Since its beginning, the USM Tissue Bank has been geared towards conducting research with creativity as the focus when discovering new ideas and applications while being innovative in finding new and exciting uses for older theories and thought.

The USM Tissue Bank has successfully produced several biological and synthetic biomaterials. Besides supplying deep-frozen allografts, the bank also provides processed tissue grafts and substitutes to repair and promote natural healing of human tissues. These grafts are biocompatible, inexpensive, easily available and can be stored at room temperature. In addition, the grafts are produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet many applications. They may be used alone as scaffolds or in combination with stem cells or differentiated cells and growth factors as in tissue engineering-based therapy.

USM Tissue Bank conducted integrated research activities in the field of biomaterial, tissue engineering and stem cell in collaboration with local and foreign researchers. We have proven that our country is capable of conducting and producing products and cutting-edge technologies by providing innovative and sophisticated services to patients.



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Kindly note that any delivery of graft must be confirmed in advance 7 working days prior the intended delivery date.


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