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USM Tissue Bank is an entity that engages in services involving tissues from living and deceased individuals for transplantation purposes. These services include assessing donor suitability, tissue recovery, tissue processing, preservation, storage, labeling and distribution. It is also responsible for testing and sterilization of tissues.

USM Tissue Bank works together with the Ministry of Health in deceased human tissue procurement. Besides supplying deep-frozen allografts such as bone, tendon/ligament and skin, the bank produces other graft substitutes using various processing and preservation methods depending on the surgical disciplines to which they are directed. The grafts are sterilised by gamma irradiation in Nuclear Malaysia before they are used or transplanted into human beings. The tissue grafts have been utilised by medical specialists, surgeons in various fields and dental specialists in government and private hospitals in Malaysia to treat bone, skin and eye diseases.

The USM Tissue Bank explored and conducted research on other natural resources such as bovine bone xenografts and natural corals that have close resemblances to human bones and subsequently developed halal graft substitutes. With the advancement of science and technology, ceramics from these natural resources as bone substitutes have also been produced.



We are committed to provide the highest quality and safe tissue grafts and services that meet our Customer's expectation and satisfaction.

We are dedicated to comply with regulatory and Shariah requirements, and to maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through continual improvement.



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Kindly note that any delivery of graft must be confirmed in advance 7 working days prior the intended delivery date.


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